Very Rare | Nike Mercurial Match 8.5 US

€ 50.00 EUR

Nike Mercurial Match from 2000. It was the third generation Mercurial, used by Ronaldo in Inter Milan!

Size 8.5 US

 For the second generation, the boot's development became part of Nike's Alpha Project — a series of footwear including the Mercurial R9, Air Zoom Italia, Match Mercurial and Air Zoom Mercurial (a rare piece incorporating full-length Nike Zoom Air cushioning) symbolized by five dots and emblematic of excellence in performance — and focused on further reducing the weight of a boot.
The tech: Weighing just 230 grams, it proved that Nike's experiment with lightweight football boots didn’t end with the original Nike Mercurial.
The look: While it retained the same last as the first model, it was given its own distinct aesthetic, most notably on Ronaldo's signature Match Mercurial R9, where the KNG-100 was dressed in a metallic copper that faded to black toward the toe panel.